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That says it all. We are providing somewhere for expats to share information to help others transition. Jump on in and leave your footprint.

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Moving to a new location, can be fraught with fear and anxiety, however it need not be that way as there are countless others who have trodden those steps, made those cultural gaffs and lived to tell the tale.

That's what this is all about really, people helping people, no different to someone moving into a new neighborhood in a familiar city back home, except there is a good chance this is on the other side of the planet.

Expat Advisory is a user driven site and advisory service showcasing life in as an expat. A one stop containing information guides for expats, outlining the comings and goings in these cities, and what general services are available.

As expats we generally move to a host country for short to medium (some stay longer) term assignments. Although the site is called "expat advisory" we do rely heavily on local knowledge from our hosts. It is of course their home and we are but visitors and their insight and input is most welcome.