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Expat Advisory started out as a community forum and message board, with a strong focus on Cambodian expats. It was the part time passion project for our founder Anthony Galloway and was largely self-managing on its own.

Fast forward twelve years and we have been undergoing quite a great deal of change, but all behind the scenes. For those of you who remember the previous version of Expat Advisory (it's still live here, for now...) you would know it was a great tool for expats to be able to find out information about what was going on around their town, and a way for people to help newcomers engage and settle in better as they moved away from their own countries. 

With this new website comes a new vision, and a second visionary to help drive things forward. 

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There Are Two Expats Driving Things Forward Now

Two heads are better than one they say, which is precisely why Anthony approached Joshua and asked him if he would be interested in getting involved also.

Read a little more about these two below.

Anthony Galloway
Anthony was a long term expat in Cambodia for over 20 years! It was here that he discovered the need for a digital meeting place for existing expats to welcome newer expats into the local scenery.
Joshua Ballard
Joshua spent three years rotating between locations in South East Asia, many would call this being a digital nomad, but he definitely sees himself as more of an Expat, as he wasn't country jumping so much as he was 'country shopping'.
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We have some big plans, but would also love to hear any ideas you have for how we can make this a useful resource for expats everywhere!

Expat Advisory is a community driven website with one simple goal in mind, to make this vast world feel a little bit smaller. We endeavor to do this by bringing the expats of the world together in a friendly and supportive place, and help them forge friendships with one another no matter where they happen to live today.

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